The Best App for Savvy Savers!


“A penny saved is a penny earned.” So the old adage goes.

I don’t know about you but anytime I can save effortlessly, I am all for it. I stumbled upon this nifty little app in my search for ways to save our family even more money. When your family is really tight on money it is hard to put away because you feel like there is no where you can pull from that won’t hurt that expense.

That is the great thing about this app. You are putting away into savings without it feeling like you’re putting a strain on your budget.

This app is perfect for a college student who maybe doesn’t have a steady income. Or a one-income family living paycheck to paycheck.

You could keep all your change in a bottle somewhere that you have to take to a store to put into a machine that charges you a percentage of your own money to count it for you. No thanks. Or you could sit for hours putting them into rolls for the bank. Your choice.

Or you could just download this app called Qapital.


This is a free app that will round-up the change from your every day purchases and put it into one of their savings accounts! You set a “rule” for how much you want put away into your savings account. The easiest is the $1 round up rule. Where it takes the change let from a purchase and adds it to your savings.

So if you bought a cup of coffee for $1.85 it will round-up the $0.15 into your account. As of this post we have put away $65.93! (Update: As of this update there is now $150 in just 6 short months) just by rounding up each purchase spent. We have been using the app since December of last year.

It takes two to three business days for you to see any savings at first because it works very much like a bank. Just like a bank will show you pending purchases the Qapital app does the same. It shows you the total but has underneath the pending amount for the day.

First off, how does Qapital work?

“Qapital automates your savings by letting you set up Goals toward the things you want and then save toward them by setting up different saving Rules. The saving Rules trigger transfers from your connected bank to your Qapital account where you can build up your savings.”

Your money is completely safe with their app.

Is my money FDIC insured?

“Yes. The funds in your Qapital Account are FDIC-insured and held at Wells Fargo Bank for your benefit.

Qapital itself is not a bank, therefore does not have an FDIC insurance number.

The funds are FDIC-insured on a “pass through” basis. This means that each individual customer’s balance is protected by FDIC insurance, up to the limits established by the FDIC. Other funds that a specific investor has on deposit with Wells Fargo may count against any applicable FDIC insurance limits for that user. All funds held within Qapital are FDIC insured up to a balance of $250,000 per user.”

You can also watch their video that explains how the app works too.

Because I already have the app and I love it I am going to share my referral link with you! Please be willing to use the app for a while and don’t just take the money and run. With this referral link you get $5 and I get $5. It’s a win win!

Follow this link and they will text you a one time SMS code to download the app.

The $5 will be transferred to your Qapital savings account.

After you download the app you will need your bank routing number and account number for the Qapital app to link to. When you have that put in it asks you to set up a pin number for the app.

Then you will be asked to set a “rule”. This is how much you want to round-up. I believe you can set up as many rules as you want but you might not save up as quickly because your “change” will end up being split too many ways. It will then ask you to name your goal so you have a clear finish line in your mind. It is much easier to save your money if you know why you are saving it.

Once you are in the app, It shows your total savings (including upcoming deposits) and then you can scroll down through your recent activity. There is a little + sign button at the bottom right of the screen where you can quickly make a new transfer, make a new goal or add a new rule.

There are three icons at the top of the page. The top left shows your savings with Qapital. The middle wallet looking icon shows your Qapital savings account at a glance and your bank account at a glance. If you tap on your bank it shows all of your transactions since using the app. If you tap on the Qapital account it shows you all the deposits made into your Qapital account from your bank account. It also has your goals in there as well so you can see how close you are to achieving the goal you set up.

The last icon is a little person showing you your user info and settings. This is where you can change your rules, accounts and it has your own referral link to give out to family and friends. Lastly, there are the app settings where you can change your password, contact Qapital, (I had a quick response from them) view the terms and conditions or log out.

Some other great features of their app…

No Minimum Balance

No Minimum Balance

Why should you have to pay a surcharge for being broke? We say “no way” to that.

Zero Setup Fee

Zero Setup Fee

Just get the app, open your account, and link your bank, without spending a cent.

No Monthly Fees

No Monthly Fees

There’s no annual fee, either. It’s not too good to be true – we promise.

Hope this post was helpful in save towards your future goals!

Have you heard of this app before? What other ways do you save?

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