A Letter for Moms After Mother’s day.


It’s the day after Mother’s day and things have gone back to normal for the most part. We resume business as usual and most everyone forgets the day before how moms were celebrated.

If I could sit and talk to you the day after Mother’s day what would you tell me? Would you say that it was one of the best you’ve had or was it hard because you didn’t actually get to celebrate for one reason or another?

Since I can not be with you, I wanted to write you a letter in the hopes that you will be touched and remember that someone is still thinking about you the day after Mother’s day.

This letter is for the mom who…

Had a beautiful Mother’s day and for the ones who didn’t.

Holds her newborn in her arms and for the ones who can’t because of loss.

Has it altogether and for the one that feels like they’re falling apart.

Soars above it all and for the ones in life’s miry pit.

Has filled and clothed children and for those who struggle to keep food on the table and clothes on their backs.

Has little ones and to the mom with little ones all grown up.

Has the baby who slept through the night from day one and to the one whose toddler still wakes at night.

Is on top of it all and to the ones who feel they don’t measure up.

Still has their mom and to the ones who will see their’s again someday…

I write this letter to you.

A letter to mom after Mother's day, thebeamingbrunette.com

Dear Mom, I see you.

I see you in the store with your child who is screaming loud for all to hear. I see you on the hospital bed next to your child who is ill. I see your child yelling at you while you try to keep your cool. I see you call your child over and over and they defiantly stay put. I see you put on a happy face with dark circles under your eyes as you tell me you’re fine. I see you trying to cope with loss.

I see you when your children tease and pester each other and it drives you crazy. I see you cleaning up their mess just minutes before they make a new one. I see you when your child is “different” from other children and worry if they will be liked and accepted. I see your heart breaking because your child was treated unfairly. I see you when others put you down for something you believe in.

Through tears, insecurities, loss, fears, regrets, pain, struggles, worries and doubts. I see you and my heart aches.

But do you know what else I see?

I see you when praise your child for something they have accomplished. I see you quote your child’s funny sense of humor. I see your face beam when they are applauded by others. I see you wipe tears away when your child has fallen. I see you sticking to your guns when a child wants to break a rule. I see your gentle touch when you child needs your comfort. I see you beam when your children remember their “Please and Thank you’s”.

I see you getting back up again when you have been knocked down. I see you quote scripture to others for encouragement. I see you lending a helping hand to those in need, just like Jesus did. I see the sacrifices you make. I see your love for your husband, your children, your family, your friends and for others. 

In your joy, laughter, peace, happiness, patience, encouragement, strength, dignity, compassion and love. I see you and I applaud you!

I want you to know and remember that I think about you and I pray for you, not just on Mother’s day but every day. I pray that you are given the strength and the help you need from day-to-day. That you are surrounded with family and friends who care deeply for you. I pray that you embrace the wonderful, funny, intelligent, beautiful person that God has created you to be. I pray that you find peace through Jesus Christ and remember that you are never alone when you are with Him and He in you.

I wish I could hug you and tell you that you are amazing woman. I admire and love you. I am cheering for you every step of the way! Even on your hardest days, weeks, months, years, know that I am with you and for you, either in person or in spirit. You are doing a great job, mom, keep it up because it doesn’t go unnoticed.

A letter to mom after Mother's day, thebeamingbrunette.com

You are forever in my prayers.

Love, Sarah Quilici

P.S. You got this.


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