How to Save BIG on Birthday Parties!


My second son’s 1st birthday was last weekend and the decorations, food, party favors and invites all costs me $70! You can save big on birthday parties when you take the time to plan well enough in advance.

His cousins had a lot of fun playing in the sprinkler and sliding into the kiddie pool. D spent most of his party napping but I think he enjoyed what little he did get to be a part of.

how to save big on birthday parties

My sister and I doing a little snapchat. The back drop is wrapping paper!

how to save big on birthday parties

How to save big on your child’s birthday party…

1) Use free invite options

It is so easy to add all the people you want to a Facebook party invitation and give all the details for the party there. Or you can use Evite to send out free invites if you want the invite to be a little cuter! Plus they also have a way to send thank you notes saving to more money.

2) Get free decorations on Pinterest

There a plethora of free printables on Pinterest that you are sure to find all that you need for your party. Or you can…

3) Make the decorations yourself!

Or enlist the help of a crafty family member or friend! But weigh the costs because many times it is cheaper to buy something premade than it is to DIY. I made this pineappleĀ a few weeks before his party and it turned out really nice.

diy pineapple party decor

4) Don’t do character themed parties

This is hard because your child has a favorite character like Elsa or Spongebob. Or doing things like mine craft or legos will make the cash stack up fast. Just go with a simple idea (I used pineapples) and run with it. And no theme at all will save you the most money because then you can just buy whatever you want for the birthday party.

5) Stock up after the holidays

Most of the time you can get away with green napkins from christmas and use them for St. Patrick’s day. Or use floral plates from Easter for a summer brunch. You get the idea. Try to find non-patterned holiday sale items that can double for another party.

6) Buy in season foods

Check what fruits and veggies are in season and only buy the ones that are the cheapest because food takes the biggest chunk out of your budget. Buy canned and prepackaged foods when they are on sale because the food items will likely not be on sale right before your party. You should only buy foods that perish quickly the day before the party.

I made a pineapple Nilla wafer dip, pinapple and veggie shish kabobs and a pineapple salsa. (Which was really more of a pico de gallo now that I think about it.) Everyone said the pineapple salsa was killer! I just added about a quarter cup of pineapple juice to it as well.

how to save big on birthday parties 2

7) Ask to borrow party items

Many times you can just ask a friend or family member if they have any leftover party decorations or items like plates, cups and napkins from previous parties and use them for your party. Or you can ask to borrow tablecloths and chairs. Most people are eager to get rid of the leftover stuff from parties if they still have it.

There you have it. Now let’s party!

What are your savvy tips for saving big on birthday parties?

How to save big on birthday parties


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