Free Key Chain Crochet Pattern


I love creating simple things like this crochet key chain. It’s made by crocheting an I-cord which is super easy to do. I wanted a key chain for our mail box keys so they hopefully wouldn’t get lost.

Learning to make an I-cord is helpful because it has so many uses! You can make purse handles, tails for crocheted stuffed animals, bracelets. The possibilities are truly endless!

Here is what you’ll need:

  • “I love this cotton” or something similar in weight.
  • Scissors
  • Size 4.25 crochet hook.
  • Measuring tape

Crochet I-Cord Key Chain

Start by crocheting 4 chains.


Next, you will insert your hook into the second chain from the hook and pull up a loop. After that, insert your hook in the third chain and pull up a loop. Lastly, insert your hook into the final chain and pull up a loop. The I-cord should now look like the picture below.


Step 1: Slip the first three loop off your crochet hook making sure to leave the last loop on the hook. The first loop will always stay on the hook.

Crochet key chain 2

I found that pinching the loops you are not working with at the moment keeps them from coming out.

Step 2: Now you will pull up a loop through the first loop on you hook making sure to keep the working yarn behind the other loops like so.


Step 3: Then you insert your hook in the second loop and pull up a loop through the second loop.


Step 4: Insert your hook in the third loop and pull up a loop.


Step 5: Then insert your hook into the last loop and draw a loop through the final loop. Now your I-cord should look like this. It won’t start looking like an I-cord for a few more rounds.


Repeat steps 1-5 until your I-cord reaches 6 1/2 inches or until it slips comfortably over your hand.


This is how it should be looking after several rounds.

Finishing off

To finish the I-cord, pull a loop through all the loops. Pull up one more loop and then, leaving about a 4 inch tail, cut the yarn.


Tie the ends together. Don’t worry about making it look nice because we are going to cover the knots with more yarn.

Cut 8, 8 inch pieces of yarn. You are going to tie an overhand knot over the spot where you tied the ends together.


See the little hole in the picture above? Put your thumb and index finger through the hole and pinch both sets of yarn fringe.



Then pull all of the yarn through the hole and gently pull until tight. You might have to pull a couple of individual strands to get it completely tight.


You can cut the fringe to all the same length or leave it as is. Whatever floats your boat.

Crochet key chain

Now go grab your keys and put the key ring through the middle of the I-cord so that it stays in one place. Then the keys won’t slide down the fringe and look funky.

And there you have it. Hope you enjoy your new I-cord key chain!


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