The Monet Velvet Cowl Free Crochet Pattern


When I saw this yarn at Hobby Lobby the other day I saw the heavens open up and little cherubs flew down from above with this heavenly, velvety yarn and gently placed it into my shopping cart.

Well, it might not have happened like that exactly but you get the general idea. This is the softest, most scrumptious yarn you will ever feel in your life. And you might think I am exaggerating until you feel it for yourself. Then you’ll be a believer.

The monet cowl free crochet pattern

What first drew me to velvety fiber was the watercolor-like color way of the yarn. It made me think of the painter Claude Monet and his water lily paintings. I love how many of his paintings seemed blurry as if you were looking at them through a wet, rainy window.

There are so many things I love about this cowl. I love that it has a knit look to it, it is not too heavy and it’s reversible! To name a few. It is simply made with front post single crochet stitches worked in the round. Here’s a close up of this beauty!

the Monet cowl free crochet pattern

Okay, let’s hop to it! Here is what you’ll need.

Special stitches: Front Post Single Crochet- (Fpsc) – Crochet stitches have two loops when made, one CLOSEST towards you (the back loop the white arrow is pointing at) and one FURTHER away from you (the front loop). You will be crocheting your single crochet stitches into the loop FURTHEST away from you. Here’s some pictures that will help. My scissors are pointing to the front loop that you will always be working in. The arrow is pointing at the back loop.

Front post single crochet

Push your hook through the front loop and single crochet as normal.

Free crochet pattern

Special Notes: When you slip stitch the beginning of each new row make sure you front post slip stitch.

Do not turn at the beginning of each new round.

The Monet Velvet Cowl Pattern

the Monet cowl free crochet pattern

Chain 120. Join ends together with a slip stitch being careful not to twist it. Place stitch marker. Chain 1. Do NOT turn.

*Pro tip!* An easy way to make sure that you haven’t twisted your chain is to do this: Pinch the end on your hook and the very end of your chains together so they form a circle. Moving away from your hook, run fingers along chain until you reach the other side. If it lines up right, then it is not twisted and then you can join your chain!

Round 1- Single crochet around until you come back to your stitch marker. Front post Slip stitch to top of beginning single crochet. Remove stitch marker from previous stitch and place on slipped stitch. Chain 1, Do NOT turn.

Round 2 and every round after worked as follows:

Chain 1. Front post single crochet into the next stitch and around until you reach your stitch marker. Join with a front post slip stitch where stitch marker is and then remove the stitch marker and place on the stitch of the new row.

Continue working in this pattern until you have reached the end of your skeins.

It’s really the most simplest cowl you can make. Good luck and I can’t wait to see which velvety yarn you choose! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram using #themonetvelvetcowl.

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