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What is Christ and Crochet all about?

I love to crochet. I have from the moment my mom first showed me how to make a foundation chain in a parking lot in front of a toy store at 5 o’clock in the morning.
She used to crochet beads onto socks and then give them away as gifts. So while we were waiting outside in the car for the store to open so we could buy Beanie Babies, I chained away to my hearts content.
Fast forward 14 years. Newly married and had moved with my husband, David, to Washington. 13 hours away from family and friends. So to keep my mind off of that fact that I was so far away from them, I began crocheting like crazy.
I had heard about this thing called Etsy and thought it would be pretty cool to have people actually buy the things I had made. So I opened up my shop and expected the orders to come pouring in. But I didn’t really have a vision for my shop and it was just a hodge podge of different things I had made so when it didn’t take off, I quickly abandoned the idea.
A hop, skip and a jump 5 years after that and I am again trying to make a place for myself in the world of handmade goods on Etsy.
My shop has Hygge (hoo-ga) inspired crochet home decor and wearables. Hygge is all about making a house into a cozy sanctuary and about making time for the people that you love. So I crochet home and wardrobe accessories to help you do just that.
I also created my shop to donate to an organization called Voice of the Martyrs.
The main idea behind One Yellow Feather Co. is to pay it forward. When you purchase something from my shop, 10% of the profit is donated to Voice of the Martyrs, an organization that helps persecuted Christians in hostile countries.
Then when you receive one of my handmade items, it will come with one yellow feather reminding you that together we are lending a helping hand to Christians that are standing up for the name of Jesus.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to helping you get cozy!
Creatively yours,
One Yellow Feather Co.